Mid March our Executive Director, Whitney Hammel, was in Ghana and able to stop by the future site of Ghana International Autism Initiative in Cape Coast. She jumped at the opportunity to play and share smiles with the students of Children’s Station Child Development Centre.

Whitney visited with the Director, Mrs. Caroline Anyaful, of Children’s Station Child Development Centre where GIA Initiative will open its first classroom this Fall. We are so lucky to know this incredible lady who has been providing quality early childhood services for over 20 years (in US and Ghana combined) and has helped children with disabilities in Ghana have access to inclusion opportunities.

The new building for Children’s Station Child Development Centre opened in January of 2017.  Caroline recently moved the students into the building from her previous location on University of Cape Coast campus and is saving space for GIA Initiative to open a classroom in the Fall. The building is partially finished with 3 full classrooms under operation and 4 more to be completed. Caroline and Children’s Station are currently serving 4 students with autism.  She has been attending conferences and taking advantage of training opportunities over the years to best fit the needs of all her students.  Some of these students with special needs would not be able to attend a general education setting and we thank Caroline for her efforts in providing a space and the opportunity to learn.  She looks forward to welcoming GIA Initiative this Fall to run an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) classroom for these students with autism as well as help others in the Cape Coast community.

This picture captures the first glance at our classroom which is currently under construction.  We look forward to the laughter and cheers that will come from this space as students make progress toward their goals and grow in their independence. The classroom will hopefully be finished in the coming months and the executive director can start setting it up on her next trip in June of 2017. Please stop by our donation page to help fund the set up of GIA Initiative’s first classroom that will serve up to 8 students.

Please stop by our “about us” page of the website for more information on the location of GIA Initiative and our start in Children’s Station Child Development Centre. 




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